La Noria from Mazatlan - Mexico Drones

The La Noria trip is a short half day excursion full of new experiences only a stones throw from Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico.

Our first stop was Puerta de Canoas, a small town that was formerly known for making Canoes and is now know for the famous dancing Spanish horses that are an annual carnival attraction.

horses dancing puerto canoa.png

The next hour and a half was spent sliding through the low desiduous forest on cables with the guides from Huana Coa Canopy Zip Line Adventure. Well worth the time spent.

alexandria hero.png

Next we headed over to the Los Osuna Tequila Tour where we learned how the traditional Mexican blue agave tequila is made. Aged in Tradition Los Osuna Blue Agave Spirits is a truly unique product that comes from the State of Sinaloa in Mexico. It is made with the same care and historical attention to detail that the Osuna family has refined since the late 1800s.

los osuna.png

After the Los Osuna Tour we decided to have lunch at La Martin which was some of the best food any of us have had outside of the city of Mazatlan. Highly recommended and an amazing ambiance almost like being at a winery property.

la martina shot.png

Finally, we made it to La Noria where we watched the sun set before heading back to Mazatlan which was about a 45 minute drive home from our furthest point. Everything was actually so close that we headed back a couple of days later to get a few more shots that we missed. Will certainly head out there from time to time just to get lunch on Sundays.

la noria hero.png

Laguna Santa Maria Del Oro - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

About three hours drive from Mazatlan is a quiet little town with a crystal blue lake.  After you pass Tepic, take the first exit from the toll road, turn left, then follow the signs through the town of Santa Maria Del Oro and down the windy road that descends into the Volcano.  The lake fills the dormant volcano and the locals say the depth has never been determined.  It is designated as one of a handful of Blue Card lakes in Mexico which regulates the cleanliness of the water making it destination for all types of water sports.  The trip is a perfect one-nighter with a variety of accommodations available.  Make sure you try the pescado chicharrones and the fried bananas with ice cream at La Mata.  When you head out stop at the waterfalls which will be much more spectacular if you go following the rainy season.

pescado chicharones 

pescado chicharones 

la mata fried bananas and ice cream

la mata fried bananas and ice cream

Semana Moto Mazatlan Mexico Drones 2017

The 21st annual Semana Moto (Moto Week) in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico.  The event always follows the Semana Santa festivities and has been a staple in the city since 1996.  2017 was the first attempt to set the Guinness World Record of 22,000 motorcycles on a ride of 2k or longer.  The program includes parties, bikini contests, live bands and ends with the parade of motorcycles on the Malecon.

Malecon Statues of Mazatlan Mexico Drones

The Malecon in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico is considered one of the longest in the world at 21 km. It runs from Valentinos to Olas Altas between the Pacific Ocean and cliffs, hotels & businesses. Along the Malecon you will find a series of bronze statues that represent the culture and history of the town.

Carnival Parade 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

The Mazatlan Carnival has a long history with the first mention of the winter event as Carnival in 1848 and the official week long celebration being embraced in the late 1800's.  It's one of the largest in the world and each year has a different theme for the parade down the malecon along the beach.  This years theme was Alebrijes and Dragons (Alebrijes being a colorful Mexican mythical creature).   There are two parades one from Olas Altas to Valentinos traditionally on Sunday and then the route in reverse on Tuesday to end the festivities.

Carnival Mazatlan - Combate Naval 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

Carnival Mazatlan each February is one of the biggest in the world. it's a week long celebration where the queen is crowned and celebrated with a huge party featuring local music and famous Mexican entertainers. Combate Naval is a spectacular fireworks display where fireworks are launched from a dozen locations in Olas Altas near centro and barges positioned about a kilometer off shore simulating a famous battle that occurred in 1862.
In May of 1862 the French corvette Bayonnaise arrived at Mazatlán and a few days later initiated the blockade of the port, that lasted until the 18 of June. In March of 1864 the Cordeliere captured in the waters of Nayarit a ship of Mexican flag that came from San Francisco , California , and that took letters directed to the president Benito Juárez .

Epic Sunset Remix - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

This is just a quick 45-second remix of our most epic sunset footage encountered since this journey began.  Wanted a short clip that could be shared in Instagram and some other locations with non copyrighted music.  The clip is the ending of El Mirador from Sunset to Sunrise which was a pretty special day and the 4th trip out with the Phantom 4.  This video was shot in 4k and rendered down to 1080 with no affects or color corrections.  The Mazatlan sun did all of the work as it laid down to rest.

Marina Mazatlan - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

Head North from the Golden Zone and as you pass over the first bridge the view of Marina Mazatlan will be revealed.  Located in the Nuevo Mazatlan (new Mazatlan) area you will find a marina surrounded by a boardwalk with popular restaurants and bars that tend to be a bit more quiet and off of the beaten path than in the center of town.  The marina itself has 427 slips and all of the services you need if you are living the boat life.  A 5-minute taxi ride will take you to the Plaza Galleria mall which is as modern as they come south of the boarder.  The mall has an amazing bowling alley, food court and some pretty decent shopping.  Across the road you have the newest Sam's Club and Wal Mart in town.  Another great spot for a sunset stroll in Mazatlan.

Stone Island Tour - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

Stone Island (Isla Piedra) is about a 40-minute drive from anywhere in Mazatlan or a dollar ferry ride across the water from the harbor.  Although it's not really an island it is a nice afternoon adventure.  When driving over we like to cross through the palms where the coconuts for Mazatlan are harvested and drive the beach to the town.   If you prefer the beaten path there is a short .5km section of dirt road following 3 miles of nicely paved road into town.  Endless Beaches with palapas offering a variety of seafood await your arrival.

Photo of the ferry (panga) dropping passengers off in town.  There are two places to catch the ferry; the tourist ferry can be found near the lighthouse and has limited hours.  This ferry drops you at the beach area.  The other ferry near the marine college runs 24 hours and leaves you at the marina where most of the locals live on the island.

Locals arriving on the ferry (panga) that takes you across to Mazatlan.  Round trip is around one dollar.

Locals arriving on the ferry (panga) that takes you across to Mazatlan.  Round trip is around one dollar.

Make sure you stop at Osuna for a Torta.  For about $2  you get a huge Torta sandwich that is very fresh and they also have great fruit and coco smoothies (liquados).  We love the view of the marina with all of the local action and even though it is surrounded by sand you could eat off of the concrete floor (its that clean).

Make sure you stop at Osuna for a Torta.  For about $2  you get a huge Torta sandwich that is very fresh and they also have great fruit and coco smoothies (liquados).  We love the view of the marina with all of the local action and even though it is surrounded by sand you could eat off of the concrete floor (its that clean).

Drones attract a lot of attention from the local kids.  Very curious, respectful and polite!

Drones attract a lot of attention from the local kids.  Very curious, respectful and polite!

Around Ice Box Hill - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

Aside from having some of most spectacular views in Mazatlan, Ice Box Hill has a colorful past. The bridge like structure you can see from the video is the old road to Centro and had tunnels for passing cars, one of which is now an extra bedroom for a home near the structure. The hill is home to limestone caves once used to store ice imported from San Francisco during the mid-1800s. Mazatlan families used this ice to preserve their seafood and other perishables before the days of household refrigerators. By the time of the revolution, the hill was used to store ammunition. Devil's Cave -- the red gate which you can see from side of the hill near the divers was at one time an escape route for soldiers guarding the ammunition. Mazatlan was the second city in the world to be bombed from the air and the biplane was sent to bomb the hill. It missed its target and dropped the package of dynamite and nails onto the city streets, killing two citizens. Today, Ice Box Hill (Cerro Neveria) holds only numerous radio and microwave towers.

El Faro Lighthouse Aerial Video - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

The Mazatlan lighthouse was first built in 1879, and at the time was the highest in the world. Our lighthouse still holds onto second place today not because the structure itself is all that impressive but because of the 515 ft. hill it is perched on. The hike takes from 10-30 minutes depending on your fitness starting with a steep dirt road, then trail and finally 325 steps.

It's well worth the hike as you will find the best view in the city. The ideal time is sunrise or sunset and you find the trail scattered with both locals using the hill for their daily workout and a few tourist as well. The view is spectacular and the lighthouse is staffed with security around the clock offering water and soft drinks for sale when you reach the summit.

Use caution as the climb is fairly steep and there are some areas that could use railings near the top.

Valentino's Aerial Tour - Mazatlan, Mexico Drones

A short aerial video of tour of a famous landmark in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Valentinos is a castle like structure that houses a group of bars and dance clubs and has been a nightlife destination for the region over the past few decades.  It is a backdrop for the glorieta that seperates the Golden Zone and the famous Malecon that leads to Olas Altas and Centro.