La Noria from Mazatlan - Mexico Drones

The La Noria trip is a short half day excursion full of new experiences only a stones throw from Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico.

Our first stop was Puerta de Canoas, a small town that was formerly known for making Canoes and is now know for the famous dancing Spanish horses that are an annual carnival attraction.

horses dancing puerto canoa.png

The next hour and a half was spent sliding through the low desiduous forest on cables with the guides from Huana Coa Canopy Zip Line Adventure. Well worth the time spent.

alexandria hero.png

Next we headed over to the Los Osuna Tequila Tour where we learned how the traditional Mexican blue agave tequila is made. Aged in Tradition Los Osuna Blue Agave Spirits is a truly unique product that comes from the State of Sinaloa in Mexico. It is made with the same care and historical attention to detail that the Osuna family has refined since the late 1800s.

los osuna.png

After the Los Osuna Tour we decided to have lunch at La Martin which was some of the best food any of us have had outside of the city of Mazatlan. Highly recommended and an amazing ambiance almost like being at a winery property.

la martina shot.png

Finally, we made it to La Noria where we watched the sun set before heading back to Mazatlan which was about a 45 minute drive home from our furthest point. Everything was actually so close that we headed back a couple of days later to get a few more shots that we missed. Will certainly head out there from time to time just to get lunch on Sundays.

la noria hero.png

Cliff Divers of Mazatlan Mexico Drones

One of Mazatlan's nightly attractions is the Cliff Divers or Clavadistas in Spanish.  They dive from a small park on the ocean near Olas Altas from over 50 feet up into a rough and shallow gap.  The divers must time their launch perfectly (since the water recedes to a dangerously shallow depth) then paddle hard before the next rush of water comes in.  The divers can be found most nights and always weekends around sunset until the crowds thin out.  Mazatlan Today has a breif history of the Clavadistas along with directions.